Missing the Pup

patches collage

It has been 4 weeks, and yet I still miss my dog , Patches, so much. When I come home I expect to see him waiting there, wagging his stubby tail and happy to see me. He followed me everywhere- he was definitely a momma’s boy.

He survived his illness for about 6 months. Those months consisted of lots of medicine and little sleep for me,but I would do it all over again. He was just a special guy.He was loving and loved to play. He could give you the funniest looks (dirty looks , too, when you did something he didn’t want to do!)

Even in his death, he went peacefully and right before I had to go on a road trip. He saved me from worrying too much and he did not have to die without me around. He was such a good dog.

I am not going to get another dog for awhile. I need to catch up on sleep and maybe take a few weekend trips to just get away. My whole family loved this little guy and all his quirks. I swear in another life he must have been a human being,, because he always seemed to understand exactly what I was saying.

I know we will meet again, and I will someday get another doggy, but for now a piece of my heart is gone with his passing.



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