Keep Your BBQ Organized

It is summer, Father’s Day and definitely time to barbecue. It is nice to cook outside on a warm summer’s day, but the BBQ area always gets messy and disorganized. Let Dad have fun on the grill, but help him keep things neat and clean with these great ideas.
You want to start with a clean grill first. A motorized grill brush makes it quick and easy to clean off even the dirtiest grill. Dad won’t have to scrub at all, as the steam will get things clean. Dad will appreciate being able to clean the grill quickly after using it and be able to join everyone else for fun.
A nice outdoor storage tote is a great place to store tools or supplies. There are many outdoor storage benches available at hardware or home improvement stores. If you don’t have room for a large one, try a smaller storage seat instead of a bench. Someone can also sit on the seat, and you can even add a cushion if you like. Having a place to store nearby your barbecue area makes it much easier to keep things tidy.
A nice gift for Dad would be a new grilling utensil set. These tools come in a nice carrying case and can be stored back in the case after use. These utensils also have loops so they can be hung up if your bbq grill has hooks. There are some nice brushes included that would be great for marinating meat or veggies.
Many BBQ aprons have pockets to store cooking utensils also. If you or Dad aren’t really the apron types, BBQ tool belts are a nice accessory. These have pocket holders for grill necessities such as spatulas, tongs and forks. Some of these belts even have condiment holders!
Spend a little time getting organized, have the right storage tools, and find your favorite recipes. Your next BBQ will be a great success, and you can rest easier knowing that you won’t have a huge mess to deal with outside.

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  1. Motorized grill brush. Seriously I did not even know these existed. I need to look that up on Amazon and thank you for sharing!

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