“Home is Where the Heart Is”. I guess that means home is where the people you love are. I have lived in Ohio 12 years now and it is basically home. My husband and kids are here and friends. I sometimes still feel like a transplant, but we have built a life here.
A part of me will always be that California girl. My mom and family are still out there. We visited last May, but San Jose doesn’t feel quite like home anymore. It will always be my hometown, and I will have a special connection to the Bay Area.
My home of choice would be by the beach, around Monterey. When we visited there, I did really feel at home. I guess my ultimate goal would be to retire by the beach at some point. It is that, or Tuscany, so let’s see what happens!
Home can be wherever you are happy. I will be happy wherever my family is. I don’t think a specific place matters as much. I always tell people a place is just a place. No matter where you live there are good and bad things. You just make the most of wherever you land. If you are lucky, then you find “home” along the way.