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I was lucky enough to have a friend give me a box of Adam Tea’s Green┬áTea and a small bag of other assorted flavors of Adam’s Tea. I decided to share my thoughts with you today.

adam tea in box

The Succulent Fusions Legendary Green Tea is a tea with good flavor. I had it hot, but it would be pretty good iced, too. I added honey to mine since I thought the flavor was a little strong by itself, but you can try it yourself and customize your cup to what you like.

cup of adam tea

The teabags are sturdy and didn’t break or fall apart after steeping my tea. The color of the tea is nice,too

adam tea in bag

I also got this bag of assorted flavored teas from Adam Tea. My favorite was the Cinnamon. The teabag smelled so good when I took it out of the bag. The cinnamon flavor was not as strong as it smelled, however. While the tea had a nice aroma of cinnamon, I would have liked to taste it more.

All in all, Adam Tea has a good assortment of quality teas to try. Next time you want to try a new tea, check out Adam Tea.