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5 Old School Makeup Tips that Still Work Today

Some makeup tips have been around forever and you probably think there must be better ways today, right? Well, don’t be so quick to ignore Mom’s advice. Here are 8 tips that are still relevant today and work great!

To Frown or not to Frown

You probably were told not to frown or scowl, but Mom might have made an exception when giving you brow advice. When you need to fill in your eyebrows, the best position to be in is your head tilted downwards and with a little scowl on your face. Furrowing your brows gives you a better view, especially the top of your eyebrows. You want to do a good job filling in the top brow area to really give your eyes a wide-awake look.

Double the Fun- Half the Cost

You can look great, but still be frugal when it comes to makeup choices. If you use a powder blush, it can double as an eyeshadow in a pinch. Some kinds of lip glosses can also be used as a blush. This is great for a night out, since you can take that cute little clutch without stuffing it full of makeup.

Light, Please!

Harsh lighting is not the best environment for you to put on makeup. If you can, try to be near some natural light. Natural light will really give you the best view of what your makeup will look like when you go outside. Some makeup mirrors simulate natural light as well, and this could be a good alternative if you don’t have good access to natural light at home.

Don’t Forget Your Hands

Our hands tend to get neglected in our makeup routines, but they need a little effort. You probably make sure you are protected from the sun on your face and skin, but your hands would appreciate a little SPF love. You can use whatever sunscreen you are using and just dab a bit on the back of your hands. Also, if you ever apply self-tanners, don’t forget to apply just a little to the back of your hands as well.

One Way to Smooth

You want your makeup to look smooth and flawless. Stick to one type of makeup to achieve the smooth look you want. If you use a liquid foundation, use creamy shadows and blush. Likewise, if you are using a powder, stick to other makeup that is powder-based. Keeping to one type of makeup helps to blend and give you a cohesive and smooth look.


Adult Onset Allergies

Most of us are familiar with allergies, since they have become so common. Even if we don’t have food or other allergies, we usually know of someone that does. Many adults and children have these allergies, but did you know that even adults that never have had any allergies can develop them later in life? In fact, this onset of adult allergies is increasing all the time.

Adult allergies mostly will begin in your twenties and thirties, but they actually can start at any time. Sometimes there will be an obvious trigger, but oftentimes it comes out of nowhere. There can be a link between infection, illness and stress contributing to adult onset allergies.

One of the biggest reasons for new allergies is moving to a new place or environment. If you lived most of your life in one place and then move to a new locale with different allergens, allergies can begin that you did not even know you had. Maybe you never had a pet and now there is an animal in the household. You may quickly discover that you are highly allergic to pet dander.

There are blood tests available to check for the antibody Immunoglobulin E, or IgE. This antibody fights off infection, but can sometimes identify normal things as being harmful. This reaction release histamines which can cause inflammation (sometimes severe.) Other reactions to histamine can include itching, coughing, and vomiting.

Food allergies may or not be obvious. If you have any strange reaction after eating certain foods, make sure to write it down. Keep track of what you are eating and if you notice a similarity try eliminating certain foods and see if that makes a difference.

One thing to notice about food allergies is that you may not be hungry or feel very fatigued after every meal. You can also get an upset stomach after eating. In adults, these symptoms are often overlooked or misdiagnosed. If you never had allergies, why would you think of that?

The best thing you can do is to pay attention to any allergy-like symptoms you experience and if they persist, definitely see your doctor.