6 Energy Myths- Busted!

We all want to save energy and money, right? Even with good intentions we probably fall into the trap of believing energy myths that we’ve heard for years. Here are 6 energy myths that you need to bust now.


Shutting a vent in an unused room is supposed to save money, but it actually does not work. The cool air or heat is just redirected to your other vents in the house. The air can also just leak out of any holes in ducting. The pressure backs up and can actually cause more wear and tear on your heating or cooling system. This will cost you money in the long run since your unit will not last as long as it should.

Space Heaters

Electric space heaters sound like a good idea, but do they help you save? The answer is NO. Electricity is generally more expensive than gas and the costs to run a space heater or two can be as much as heating your whole home with natural gas.


You might think that you can’t use solar if you don’t live in a sunny climate, but that is not true. You can still have your normal electric service, but build up credits when your solar energy kicks in. The sunny days will help you build up power and you can usually save quite a bit on your normal electric bill.


While double paned windows are more efficient, the cost of replacing your windows may not actually give you a great return on investment. The savings you get can depend on how many windows you have, where you live, and which direction the windows face. Replacing windows can get quite expensive and you can probably generate the same cost savings in other ways.

New versus Old

If you buy a newer house, don’t assume that it is automatically more energy efficient. While many newer homes do have energy savings features, not all of them do. Even if you are looking at an older house, it may have been updated with modern insulation, for instance. Always consider these facts when you are house shopping.

Getting Warm

Setting the temperature on your thermostat higher will not heat up your home faster. Your heating system works hardest when it first comes on. It is better to set your thermostat on a normal temperature and leave it alone. A programmable thermostat is a great idea, though, and can save you money. Just reducing your temperature setting by 1 degree equates to saving 1 percent.


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