Shopping Tips for Black Friday

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Whether you are a seasoned Pro or a beginner when it comes to Black Friday shopping, you will want to plan out your excursion carefully. You may think of crowds and craziness, but you can take some steps to minimize the hassle and maximize the savings and deals.

You used to have to look hard to find info about Black Friday sales, but not anymore. There are several websites that give you a sneak peek, so you can do some early planning. Check out deal newsBlack Friday Info,  or Bfads.

This year you may even be able to snag deals before Thanksgiving. Some Black Friday deals will start on Wednesday, or even Thursday evening. There might be fewer crowds since it is not a traditional time for the great deals.

Make sure the price is really a deal. There are many shopping comparison sites out there. You want to double check that you are getting a really low price. Check out websites such as PriceWatch , Price Grabber , or Shop Advisor .

Even though you can see ads online, don’t discard the newspaper. Sometimes there are coupons that are exclusive to print ads. Read the fine print to make sure you don’t have to mail in a rebate or jump through any other hoops to score the deal.

Make sure you get some rest before shopping and bring water with you. You want to be hydrated and have energy to keep up with the crowds. Bring a protein bar or other snack with you just in case. You don’t want to feel lightheaded during Black Friday madness.

Start out with a budget in mind, and stick to it. Just because you find a great deal, if it wasn’t planned or you can’t really afford it, don’t buy it. Paying with a credit card gives you some safety, but some people like to have just enough cash and not spend more than what was budgeted. Just figure out what will work best for you.

The best advice is to have a plan, do your research and let the games begin!

Today is Chaos Never Dies Day

Girl working at the chaotic workplace
November 9th is “Chaos Never Dies Day”

Everyday live can be full of craziness and chaos, and this holiday embraces that reality.

Take today to realize that life is messy, and you can’t control everything. You can, however, pick one area of your life and try to bring some order to it. At least it will last a little while!