Have a Hawaiian Party!

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Have a Hawaiian Party

Spring and summer are great times to enjoy an outdoor party. Want to bring a taste of the Islands to your next gathering? Forget the same old backyard barbeque or party. Here are some fun ideas to add a Hawaiian flare to your next party.

Want to get off on the right foot? Use different color markers to write your invitations on colored flip flops. Flip flops can actually be mailed through the post office! Your friends and family will be amazed when they get the party invitation in their mailbox. Ask your guests to wear their favorite Hawaiian shirt or grass skirt.

      For decorations, you may like these Mini Bamboo Tiki Torches. You can add them to little sand buckets, or put them in the ground.  If you want full-sized torches, try these Solar Tiki Torches. You can use these Tissue Flower Garlands to put up around the backyard.

When your partygoers arrive, give everyone their own lei to wear. You can make your own leis, or just purchase some online. Use colorful plastic bowls and dishes with flowers or bright patterns on them in the Hawaiian mood.

For a fun atmosphere and entertainment for all ages, get some hula hoops . Have a little hula hoop competition with small prizes. You can also get a Limbo Kit  to get everybody having a good time and laughing. Get some bubbles, too, and see who can make the biggest bubble, or whose bubble lasts the longest before it pops.

Make sure you get those little drink umbrellas for all your beverages. For your younger guests, make a tropical smoothie. A Pina Colada would be a terrific adult version of this smooth and refreshing drink.  Of course a traditional Blue Hawaiian will be popular with all of your guests.

Get creative and enjoy planning your next backyard get together. Kick off the season with your own island-style event.  Aloha!


Double Standards

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Double Standards

When I was a teenager in the 70s I felt like as a female, I could do anything. I’m still waiting for the first woman President. I have never felt like I could not do anything I set my mind to.

Unfortunately women in a corporate workspace have to  witness so much gender inequality and discrimination, it is very disheartening. We all know that men still get paid more than a woman doing the same job. I wish this weren’t true today, but it usually is.

There are so many double standards in our culture, but especially at work. Here are just a few of them.

If a woman tries to implement change by bringing up improvements, she is seen as “Complaining”.  If a man does the same thing, he is forward-thinking,

If a woman pushes to be acknowledged for her contributions, she is being needy or asking for attention.  If a man does this he is applauded for being confident.

If a woman asks for a raise, she is seen as being too pushy. For a man, this behavior is looked on positively and encouraged.

If a woman asks to help, she is seen as being weak, but a man is seen as being brave or strong.

If a woman challenges her boss, especially a male, she is too aggressive. If a man does, he is assertive and is taken seriously.

If an older woman is vying for a project, she is seen as too outdated, while an older man is many times seen as ‘experienced’.

Although I keep running into these obstacles, I will not give up. Perseverance and determination are things that nobody else can take away from me. I will be successful in spite of the nay-sayers and without help from others. I am sad that the world has not changed as much as I thought, but I still believe I can accomplish great things, and I tell my daughter that she can, too.